Your questions answered to the best of our ability

1. Can you come to my workplace?

Absolutely! If you are in Toowoomba and surrounding areas, no problem. If you are more than 100km from Toowoomba, give me a call to discuss.

2. How much will you charge me?

The first hour is free!

After that, we discuss what you need and what your business can afford. I have hourly rates starting from just $77.

3. Do I still need an accountant

Absolutely! I do not replace the advice of your accountant. I will assist with the direction of your business and give a broader range of advice.

4. How long does a website take to complete?

A website usually takes about 1 month to complete, depending on what is required. Highly customised websites will take longer.

Question Not Answered?

Contact us with your question and we will get back to you with an answer with 48 hours.