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Little Pig Consulting Family

Hi, I’m Clayton Menyweather and I run Little Pig Consulting with the help of my wife. For a while now we have been helping small businesses in Toowoomba to achieve their dream of running a successful business. I believe that business tenacity is one of the most important indicators for success in your business.

The name Little Pig Consulting was derived from the story about the Three Little Pigs. The pigs in the story were tenacious; No matter what the big bad wolf did, they persisted. We want to help you build the same tenacity into your business, but persisting in the right areas takes knowledge and experience.

Services We Provide

Video Marketing

Have you seen my video series, "Taking Out The Rubbish?" Video can really help you make an impact in your industry, and it is essential in today's business world. Rather than spending hours learning how to use a camera and video editing software, I can help create a video that is personal, valuable and provides your customers with insight into your business. As a licensed drone pilot, I am able to get video footage that others may not be able to get. From as little as $93, I will work with you to shoot the video, edit it and market it.

Business Coaching

At Little Pig Consulting, we want to help you build your business to make it strong and durable in today’s highly competitive world. We are passionate about helping you across all aspects of your small business and we do this by teaching you, guiding you and inspiring you. We are committed to informing you of emerging trends and helping you implement those in your business. We will demonstrate how you can build your businesses presence in toowoomba and the Darling Downs region through social media platforms and networking. We will also assist you to cut through the ‘noise’, set goals for that perfect work/life balance and in the process, hold you accountable to them.

Other Services

Business coaching and Videography are the main services provided by Little Pig Consulting. We do offer a few other services that may interest you and helps build that durability that is so important for your business. These services include Content WritingSocial Media Marketing, and Website Design.

Client Reviews

Hear Success Stories Straight From Our Customers


I was extremely happy with the support Clayton offered. He was passionate and eager to help, professional in his approach and timely in his providing me the information I requested. He also provided me with ideas about advertising, employment models, industry award rates, superannuation and the like.

Excellent Work!

Clayton is a wealth of information and knowledge, who goes the extra mile to understand my business and needs - I highly recommend him and his services - MARK HR

Video Marketer Extraordinaire

I have to say a huge thank you to Clayton for the job vacancy video that he did of us! It was absolutely amazing! AND it had over 8,000 views on Facebook in 4 days! Not only is it helping us find another Salesperson, but the advertising it has given us is priceless. I can't say it enough...THANK-YOU!!


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